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Clark Michigan NPR22 24V Forklift
- A Length to Fork Face 4.11 ft in
B Overall Width 3.36 ft in
C Overall Height - mast lowered 7.92 ft in
D Wheelbase 4.68 ft in
E Ground Clearance 1.74 in
F Height to Top of Overhead Guard 7.92 ft in
G Max Fork Height 17.5 ft in
H Mast Tip Forward 3 degrees
I Mast Tip Rear 4 degrees
Engine Fuel Type Electric 24V
Operating Weight 6780 lb
Tire Type Solid
Number of Front Wheels 4
Number of Rear Wheels 2
Max Speed 7.3 mph
Load Capacity 4500 lb
Load Center 24 in
Mast Tip Forward 3 degrees
Mast Tip Rear 4 degrees
Lift Speed 40 ft/min
Lower Speed 80 ft/min
Wheelbase 4.7 ft in
Length to Fork Face 4.2 ft in
Overall Width 3.4 ft in
Overall Height - mast lowered 8 ft in
Max Fork Height 17.5 ft in
Turning Radius 5.6 ft in
Height to Top of Overhead Guard 8 ft in
Ground Clearance 1.8 in
Right Angle Stack 7.8 ft in


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